Say thanks to the people who care for you

In hospitals, clinics, care homes and communities across Alberta, skilled and caring people work together to help Albertans in need―through every stage of life.
If you missed the opportunity to thank someone for the care you received, now’s your chance.
You can thank a nurse, lab tech, doctor, unit clerk, housekeeper, volunteer, or any other health care worker or team who provided exceptional care or whose kindness made a difference.
You can post – and share – your thanks here, using virtual sticky notes and emoticons.

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Say Thank You

It’s time to say thanks for the care

Write a note below and share a few details about your care experience—we will do our best to share your thanks directly with the people who cared for you.
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Thanks for Caring

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Thanks for showing your appreciation

All across Alberta, today and every day, dedicated teams work quietly and diligently, healing and comforting those who need it. Their ultimate goals are health and wellness for every person they touch. Often their work is done in stressful and urgent circumstances. So, it’s hardly surprising they seldom stop long enough for you to say "thank you". This site was created to allow Albertans to express their gratitude for service or care received. AHS is proud of our care teams — and now they’ll know you are too.

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