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Thanks for caring


Posted by Nathoya
Thank you, to all who was there for me during my pregnancy and delivery. Especially to Dr. Enrica Tse, OBGYN and her staff Shay and Celine🙂. You all took great care of me with patience and professionalism. Truly welcoming. Dr. Laura Cano did take care of me when I was admitted a couple weeks before I delivered my beautiful and blessed baby girl. Can't say 'Than you' enough to Dr. Karla Khan, the Anesthesiologist(can remember his name). He was there while I had a cesarean on September 27, 20191646). He surely helped me to got rid of my fear. Everyone who worked Sept 2530, 2019 was good to me at the hospital. My experience was great. When pregnant you need a good support team! Nathoya🤗